MFC in Partnership with Autism Oxford and Surrey County Council

Making Families Count have delivered a range of webinars in partnership with Autism Oxford to Surrey County Council. The webinars have been focused on suicide prevention and autism, delivering training to a range of health and education staff in the County.

We have provided the focus on families with lived experience of both autism and suicide prevention, and members of Making Families Count have delivered presentations in those webinars. Autism Oxford provided information about autism and the impact this might have on those who are diagnosed or not and may be considered neurodivergent.

We know that around 700,000 people may be autistic, or almost 1 in 70 of the population. Recent research suggests neurodiversity is an emerging factor in those who have taken their own life or who have experienced suicidal ideation and is an important factor in suicide prevention.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder with difficulty in social interaction, communication, and restrictive or repetitive interests or activities. However, this is a clinical view, and autistic individuals possess important strengths, including creativity, passion, and inclusivity.

Making Families Count consider it a great privilege to be involved in delivering this training with Autism Oxford.

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