Webinar: Having Difficult Conversations with Families

  • Having Difficult Conversations with Families
     3 November 2022
     12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

“Speaking to a family after they have lost a loved one in our care is one of the most difficult conversations healthcare professionals can have – but it is so much harder for the family. Trying to do it in a way that is engaging and supportive is incredibly difficult, but incredibly important.” (NHS Executive Director retired, NHSE/I Clinical Reviewer, Director of MFC)

“Having difficult conversations can be very difficult and emotionally draining. How am I delivering the news, and how is the subject receiving the news? What sort of impact is it going to have on that person and that family? Also, what sort of impact is it having on me in the long run?” (NHS consultant) 

Health and care staff frequently express concerns about having difficult conversations with families. They are often unsure how to have these conversations. They lack confidence and worry about getting it wrong, which can result in avoiding the conversations altogether or delaying contacting the family which inevitably makes the situation worse. This webinar explores what doing it well looks like, what it achieves, and examines the effects of doing it badly and well – giving you a useful “how-to and when-to” guide.

We recommend this webinar for staff using the new PSIRF (Patient Safety Incident Response Framework).

  • Presenters: Jan Fowler (NHS Executive Director retired), Dorit Braun (Making Families Count) and Jan Sunman (Making Families Count).
  • All participants will receive the programme and information about Making Families Count in advance. Everyone who attends the webinar will receive a resources pack afterwards. Making Families Count webinars are in the process of becoming CPD accredited.
  • Learning Outcomes
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