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Currently, we have no webinars for families scheduled. However, if you are interested, please contact us!

Thank you all for sharing your experiences and being supportive. It will be a long road, but I feel less alone. – Tricia Dinis, participant of a previous webinar

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“Achieving far-reaching change after a serious incident”

Free Zoom webinar for family members/carers on ways to achieve far-reaching change after a serious incident or death in healthcare

Jayne Nicholls, The Paul Ridd Foundation

Date: Tuesday 14 September 2021

Time: 7.00pm to 8.30pm

Price: Free

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About this Event

After a serious incident involving a family member or even the death of a loved one in the care of healthcare services, families often feel that they would like to make changes locally or nationally, resulting in better care for future patients and families.

  • Are you interested in hearing from other families about their experiences of setting up charities and campaign groups to bring about change following the death or serious harm of a loved one in their care?
  • Would you like to know more about what this work can achieve and how you might benefit from either getting involved in it, being supported by it, or how to set up your own work?

You will hear from family members who have set up a charity and a campaign group. They share their knowledge, tips and advice on how they have done the work, what it has led to and how it has affected them and other families. Led by Jan Sunman and Rosi Reed (Chair of Directors and Training Coordinator, Making Families Count).    

What happens at this webinar?

  • This webinar will run on Zoom for 1.5 hours (7 pm – 8.30 pm).
  • You will learn about Making Families Count, who we are, how we began and what we do.
  • Presenters Jayne Nicholls and Bridget Robinson from The Paul Ridd Foundation will talk about their work creating successful national change for people with learning disabilities across Wales, following the avoidable death of Jayne’s brother, Paul Ridd, in hospital.
  • Presentation by Jo Hughes who recently set up the Harmed Patients Alliance with James Titcombe. Following the avoidable death of her daughter Jasmine, Jo has campaigned tirelessly for more transparency and reduced secondary trauma for families following deaths in healthcare.
  • There will be time for discussion with the presenters and the Making Families Count team during a Question and Answer session.
  • Participants will receive a resource pack after the webinar.

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Joanne Hughes, Harmed Patients Alliance

Joanne Hughes’s passion for patient safety and care of those harmed by healthcare comes from suffering the loss of her then only child, Jasmine, in 2011.

In 2013 Joanne set up the website to support improvements in communication and parent engagement in children’s patient safety, and to provide information and support to parents bereaved through healthcare harm. She was a member of the Infant Children and Young Persons Patient Safety Expert group for NHS England and subsequently the National Patient Safety Response Advisory Panel.

Joanne was a steering group member for development of the National Quality Board Learning from Deaths: Guidance for NHS Trusts on Working with Bereaved families and carers.

She is also is an advisor in a number of research projects including BeArH – Before Arrival at Hospital, MOPPet – Medicines Optimisation in Paediatric In Patients, PFI-SII – Patient and Family Involvement in Serious Incident Investigations, and LfDLA Learning from Deaths – Learning and Action.

Joanne speaks at local and national training events and conferences on Parent Engagement in Paediatric Patient Safety, Harmed Patient and Family Engagement after Harm, and Care of those Harmed by Healthcare.

The Paul Ridd Foundation

The Paul Ridd Foundation has been created to support people with a learning disability, their families and carers when needing secondary health care. We want to make a difference for people with a learning disability by raising general awareness of the issues they face when accessing good health care. We want to make a difference for people with a learning disability by raising general awareness of the issues they face when accessing health care. Encouraging the use of the health profile, ensuring the care bundle is adhered to, that reasonable adjustments are made so that there will truly be equality of healthcare for all.

We want people with a learning disability to be valued in society and receive a fair and equitable service when receiving healthcare. We as a family have paid the ultimate price for the lack of training, ignorance and complacency towards our brother.

We want nurses, carers and learning disabled people and their families and carers to be familiar with the Care Bundle, health profile and logo. Our hope is that by using the health profile, receiving learning disability awareness training and ensuring the Care Bundle is adhered to that what happened to Paul does not happen to anyone else with learning disabilities.

Ultimately we want to EMPOWER people with knowledge and training to make a difference to the healthcare of people with learning disabilities.