Why can’t I join my Microsoft Teams meeting?

We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulties joining our webinar. 

If we know of any issues causing difficulties in joining our webinar, we will list them below. If none are listed, please try joining the webinar by telephone. Joining this way will ensure that you don’t miss any of the webinar content. 

Joining by Telephone

The instructions to join by telephone are in the invitation, which you can access through your email or calendar. 

Joining by telephone also provides you with a way of checking whether other people have joined the webinar.

Joining the Video Version

Here are some suggestions of things you can try to join the video version of the webinar:

  • Check that you have a connection to the internet. Can you access other web pages? Restarting your computer and modem should fix any network connection issues!
  • Sign out of Microsoft Teams and then log in again.
  • Close your web browser or Microsoft Teams App and use the webinar link again.
  • Open the webinar in a web browser rather than in the Microsoft Teams app (or vice versa).
  • Use another device, such as another computer or a mobile phone.
  • Check your computer’s sound settings for output and input if you can’t hear people speaking or people can’t hear you (also, check that you are not on mute!).

If you are still having problems, we strongly recommend contacting your IT Department or your colleagues who provide you with support for IT issues.


We are unaware of any at this time.